Understanding Health Insurance

Using the Erika Travel Insurance

 Tips for Cultural Care Au Pairs



  1. Find a Doctor:  Look up an Aetna provider on www.aetna.com\docfind\erika – this will save you money if you use a participating provider.
  2. Aetna vs. Erika Insurance:  Call the doctor’s office and say you have “Aetna” (not Erika insurance because they will not recognize the Erika name).
  3. Insurance Card:  Bring your Insurance Certificate Card with you to the doctor’s office
    1. ID number:  Give the doctor’s office your CCAP booking numberthis is your insurance ID number (do not give them the policy number 10462 or 11190 as your id number because all au pairs have the same policy number). 
    2. Your name:  Provide the doctor’s office with your FULL name (as it appears in your passport or visa) – Including all of your family names.
    3. Billing address:  If the doctor does not send Aetna the bill, they will bill YOU instead. Tell your doctor to send bills to:

Aetna Student Health

P.O. Box 15719   

Boston, MA 02215

    1. Deductibles:  Do not pay the Aetna provider’s office for the visit except for your deductible:  $65 for Basic and $35 for Extended.
  2. Call Aetna if the doctor’s office can’t find your name:  Be sure to have the doctor’s office call Aetna at 800-783-7447 to confirm your insurance benefits and coverage dates.  Have them call while you are there in the office so you can have the insurance pay for the visit.  If they cannot reach someone or give you difficulties, be sure to take down the name of the person in the doctor’s office and we can contact them during the next business day. Call Aetna yourself and ask them to contact the doctor’s office on your behalf.
  3. If Aetna does not have your name: Call Cultural Care at 800-448-5753 and they will confirm your eligibility with Aetna. All au pairs have insurance coverage while participating on the program, so do not panic! It is usually just a clerical mistake that can be easily fixed.
  4. Emergency Room:  Remember that you have an extra Emergency Room deductible if you go to the ER:  $150 for Basic and $50 for Extended, plus your normal deductible of $65 or $35. 
  5. Routine Care:  Remember that routine care is NOT covered – if you go for a doctor’s visit because you do not feel well, or something is wrong, remind the doctor’s office that routine visits are not covered and they must send Aetna a bill explaining why you needed treatment.
  6. Hospitalizations or Accidents while driving:  Be sure to contact the Assistance Company in the event that you have to go to the hospital or are in an accident with your car.  The Assistance Companies are open 24/7 and the phone numbers are on your insurance certificate and in the policy booklet. 
  7. If you get a bill at home:  if you receive a doctor’s bill at home, please contact the insurance at 800-783-7447 to be sure the insurance has also received the bill to pay it.  Otherwise, the doctor will expect payment from you and you may begin to receive Collection Notices.  To prevent this from happening, contact Aetna immediately after you get a bill.
  8. Prescriptions:  If you have a prescription, you must first pay for it and then send in a claim form with the receipt from the pharmacy (both the cash register receipt and the medication information label attached to the prescription.)  You will be reimbursed for all medications except for acne, birth control or medication that you take for a pre-existing condition.

9. Claim forms:  go to www.erikainsurance.com and you can download claim forms.

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